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I have so many amazing, beautiful birth stories, and I love sharing them.

I recall a time when I was working remotely in the middle of Australia, near the desert. A girl had come into the community I was working with, and she was due to have her baby, but her partner was still remote.

We’re talking probably 800 kilometers from the closest hospital. So, they would normally go to town to birth, but she’d been taken to town. I think I remember her being about 16 or 17. She decided that she wanted to go back home to see her partner, she didn’t want to be in this big town of Darwin by herself.

So, she had snuck back, and of course, her partner had gone out somewhere. She had arrived home, and her Waters had broken. Then she called the team of remote nurses on duty. I was part of that team and I remember arriving at her home, and she really had no idea what was going on, she was more concerned and focused on finding her partner that she really wasn’t concerned about what was happening. Her Waters had broken, and the baby had pooped in the water. So, the waters were a little bit green, and I think that’s the only reason that she really called me partly because she found that she had had this green water going down her legs. Otherwise, I think she would have just stayed where she was. And she would have just birthed this baby without too much drama at all.

She contacted us and we arrived there and all she could say was, “I’ve got to find such and such I’ve got to find such and such” and so I said, “why don’t you just come back with us, and we’ll make a few phone calls, and we’ll see if we can find him.

There was no talk about birthing, there was no talk at all about her being in labor or contracting. So, we took it back. We did a few obs on her. We tried to find her partner. And we sent some runners to go around and see if they could find him. No one could find him. He’d made his way to Darwin to see her.

In all this worry about her boyfriend. I could tell by her breathing that she was progressing very quickly. And we said, “how about we take you back and see if we can find him. And in the back of the van, I remember we had the truck drivers directly behind us on the road with their bright shining lights. And before we knew it, we had this beautiful baby born and there was no talk about labor at all.

There was no pain. There was no yelling, there was no ‘OH’ I’m having a contraction. There was nothing at all. She simply wanted to find her partner. That’s where her focus was. She was so focused on finding him that she didn’t even realize that she was laboring until she pretty well had a baby in my hand. This is just one of the most amazing birth stories, and I love it because it was all about her trance and she was just focused on finding her partner. She was very young, and she just wanted to be with him.

It’s just one of those beautiful birth stories. I hope you enjoyed it. I have hundreds of them. See you soon

Michelle Brain