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I have so many amazing birth stories and I have so many amazing Hypnobirthing stories. I’d like to share one about a lovely young lady. She was about 30, it was her first baby. She and her husband were very set in their ways. They were both working people and the idea of birthing was, we just need to go with it and we’ll see how we go.

It was interesting. She contacted me and asked me if I could teach her some Hypnobirthing. So, we did a few sessions. And then we met up and did a few more sessions. And it went amazing. It was very simple. It was easy. She followed the videos and the clips. And then we backed it up with one on one.

When the woman came to birth, it was so beautiful. At first, she did go into the hospital quite early. But I actually backed her up about that, because it just seemed a little bit different, and she wasn’t quite sure what was going on. So, she did go in early. But she was very aware and informed. And when the doctors stuck their heads in, she knew that the doctors wanted to interfere, they wanted to cause some intervention. And there was no reason for it. Everything was going beautifully.

But they had decided that she had been pushing too long, during the stage of down breathing. And she wasn’t actually, she wasn’t actually pushing. She was breathing her baby out. But they decided that it was taking too long. So, the doctor came into the room and said, because of how it’s going we’ve decided that you need some help.

It was hilarious. She ordered them out of the room, and told them to please leave the room, she would be fine. These are the wonderful stories that you hear. With Hypnobirthing. She went on to have her baby about 15 minutes later, she had a beautiful birth, an absolutely perfect birth and she had no intervention.

Often, I personally did this, I put a sign on the door. ‘No doctors, unless they’re invited in or no doctors, please see the midwife’.

Whatever you feel is right because at the end of the day, if you do need some intervention, then you can ask the doctors to come in and assess the situation. But until then, you don’t need them. You can birth your own babies. So another positive Hypnobirthing story. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I am Michelle Brain, check out my website, Michelle, and have a look at my new course birthing and trance. You can have the baby and the birth that you want with ‘Birthing in Trance’.

Michelle Brain

Michelle and I did a Q&A for midwives to help learn a bit more about the Australian midwifery culture. Michelle talks about her backdrop with midwifery and implementing her own style of birthing trance into the labor experience to help mothers with pain management.

Leslie Cornwell, CNM