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Was your baby’s head too big? Was it too small?

Remember when we’re talking about giving birth, the idea of ten centimeters really doesn’t exist.

You dilate so that your baby’s head can slip through the cervix, so it will pull up so that your baby’s head fits through, but we have come up with this ten-centimeters number so people think they are dilating ten centimeters.

So, then they start to talk about a baby’s head being too big.

Recently somebody told me about a traumatic birth they had and said oh my baby’s head was too big, and I said, “oh was it”, and of course, it ended up in a traumatic birth because they told her she needed to have an induction because her baby was too big.

How would she even know she never even got to let her body do what her body would have done naturally. So instead of allowing her body to do what it was birthed to do. To give birth to a baby that grew because it was her baby, meant for her body, they took those choices away from that woman and told her this is what needs to have, and they cause this trauma.

Now, this doesn’t sit well with me to cause this trauma with the idea that this baby is too big, but let’s just say that, that woman’s body was meant to have a baby that big.
She grew it. Her body grew it, it was meant to be there, so why not let it do what it was meant to do?

After all, they cause all the trauma anyways, so the best outcome can be the body does it all by itself, and if it did need a little bit of help, then so be it.
So, they not even giving it a chance. So please, question, ask questions, listen to your gut and if you’re not too sure, silence your mind, take a deep breath, close your eyes in a quiet place and just listen to what your body tells you.

I just get so sick of hearing these stories and being threatened with this card of death, “if you don’t do this your baby is going to die.

No, but if you do it, understand the consequences and the trauma, and know that your baby is growing in your body for you.

Reach out if you need a hand.

Michelle Brain