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I got a lovely text from someone today and I wanted to share it.

So, a few weeks ago I was looking through some of the hypnobirthing pages and the home birthing pages.

There was a lady who had her first birth and she struggled with the outcome of that birth.

So, she went and did Hypnobirthing and as the birthing was getting closer, she again became scared and unsure, and her confidence wasn’t where it should be, and she reached out to everybody on the Facebook page and occasionally I answer if I feel like I can make a difference.

This particular person had a lot of answers and a lot of people wanted to help which was lovely she decided to go back and do a refresher with Hypnobirthing and that’s what she did. And then several weeks later she decided to look at what I had sent her, and I had just given her some of my birthing in-trance information and a video and a couple of trances, and the reason I did that was that I could feel her fear and I just knew she’d already birthed and I wanted to help, and I do this quite often.

I often contact people and say I am here, and I don’t charge them anything if they want help, then they can contact me… But it was so lovely, she sent me a text back to say that she finally got to watch my video and how emotional it made her and how she imagined that was her that I was talking about and that she really got a lot out of it and then she said she was actually going to rewatch it with her husband.

So that was really a lovely story and it warms my heart because the reason I have done this course birthing in-trance, the reason why I have put it together is because of my frustration working as a midwife in the hospital and watching women come into birth, women come in for their antennal classes being so suggestable so, that when the doctors say “look its Thursday you’re due next week, look you’re already here why don’t we just give you a stretch and sweep, we’ll break your water, get this baby happening”, and the way they put it is…. and the woman just goes “aw I’ve had enough of this please, please get it out”.
But of course, there in a focused state in it, they are focused on what’s going on. They focus on what the doctors talking about, and how the doctors talking to them, and because they are focused, they are in that trance, they are so suggestable and all I can see what’s happening, I can see that these women are choosing to do this because they’re thinking “oh yes ok, oh yes”, that’s what I needed to hear when in fact… I spoke to a lady the other day who was pushing 40 and was told that she would have to have her baby before she was forty weeks, and I said to her, “why don’t you go back and ask what the evidence says, why don’t you go back and say, what are the statistics, but when you talk about that, talk about the trauma that they are going to cause”.

So what are they going to do and what trauma are they going to cause and what are the statistics on that procedure, so this came up again yesterday, with another couple that I was talking to, whose first baby was nine pounds and they have been told now that they are going to be induced two weeks early with their next baby because the baby is “big”, and I said to them, “they are going to induce you again because the baby is big, yet last time they induced you, they used a Syntocinon drip.

They then encourage you to have an epidural because the Syntocinon drip was continually turned up until the woman could barely cope with pain and then they did a really large episiotomy and used forceps to pull the baby out. So, let’s have a look at the statistics and what the research says about a woman going over forty and having a baby or a woman thirty-eight weeks having a big baby on board or a so-called big baby, a nine-pounder.

What’s the difference between those two weeks and going into birth naturally? Aren’t we just saying “look, so you are having a big baby let’s just cause all the trauma now, let’s give you the episiotomy let’s give you the worst-case scenario, and do all the things we might have to do it for whatever reason, if the baby’s head was big, or if you did push the baby out slow, let’s create all that trauma anyway?

Let’s just do it and get the baby out. If it doesn’t make sense, stop, and think about it. If that woman had been allowed to birth naturally, to go into birth naturally, who is to say, how dare they say that woman couldn’t have that baby without any stitches?

Who is to say that, that baby was going to be nine pounds and who is to say that there was going to be less trauma by going into labour naturally?

They created all this trauma for this woman just on the presumption that she is going to have trauma. It doesn’t make sense, I have delivered, I have birthed babies that are thirteen pounds with no stitches.
They come in and have birth naturally, so why are we creating this trauma?
Who are where along this journey have we stopped caring for our women, why don’t we care about their birth, why don’t we care about the episiotomy, the forceps, and the vacuums? There seems to be no thought around the woman and what that woman’s got to live with.

What is the difference between waiting another two or three weeks for that baby to be born and if the baby’s head was supposedly big and she needs an episiotomy then so be it? The episiotomy could be done… but give her every chance, don’t just say “let’s just do it, let’s just cause all this trauma, because it’s not going to happen”, well it does happen, and I see it all the time.

I see babies coming in all the time, I see babies being born nine, ten, or thirteen pounds naturally. Yet I can see babies that are born six and a half pounds that are induced and still have all the trauma because of the epidurals because they didn’t trust their woman’s bodies.

So please, please, please, please think about your choices as a birthing woman please embrace your body.

Check out birthing in trance, it can make the difference; it can make the difference, I have seen it work, I have been in the birth suite, this is my job, this is what I do, and I make a difference.”

Reach out if you need a hand.

Michelle Brain