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Your Body-Your Baby-Your Birth

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Congratulations, you want to find out more about hypnobirthing and natural birthing options… Now What?

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Many mothers start with good intentions and then decide it’s either too expensive or impractical. Plus, Hypnobirthing and similar methods can be very confusing (unless you have help). Often partners just can’t be bothered to go to classes.

I understand that preparing your mindset for birth just won’t fall in your lap… The best births are natural and a result of learning to trust and understand your body and your baby.

I know this can be hard if you have grown up with the idea that birth is that woman on a TV show pushing a baby out in the most traumatic and ridiculous way.

With so many well-meaning friends and family sharing conflicting messages, stories of births that were traumatic, caused by intervention and mistrust of a woman’s body, or by mothers telling their daughters they will have a caesarean birth because they did. No, this is not the case, if your mindset tells you that you will be like your mother and have a Caesarean, of course, you will.

Your mind and body are so strong, that once you know this you can work with it, instead of working against it.

I would say traumatic births are a consequence of intervention, changing the birth process and inducing a baby when it is not ready to be born. Women trust a system to assist them that doesn’t trust the women or their bodies to do what is so very natural.

Are you overwhelmed and confused about birth?

Let’s face it, pregnancy and childbirth can be stressful. You’re a busy person and your to-do list just trebled in size.

You’re stuck with conflicting information. You don’t know where to start. So, ask yourself, what is the best option for me and my baby?

You can spend months worrying about how well you will cope with birth, now you have to figure out how to enjoy a natural safe birth.

You know you want to enjoy a natural safe birth but don’t know how to get started. The only thing that a woman needs to know about birth is that woman naturally goes into a birthing trance to birth, if you search any homebirth video you will see, these are women who trust their bodies to do what their bodies tell them to, they go into a birthing trance and listen to their bodies.

It's Your Choice

You can have that birth. At home, in a birth suite, birthing centre, hospital, or in the back of a car, it’s your birth, do it your way.

It Comes Naturally

As a midwife, I believe the only tool you need to have a natural birth is your birthing trance, the rest comes naturally to you.

It Happens Quickly and Easily

A beautiful natural birth doesn’t have to be hard. You simply need to learn how to go into trance easily and quickly. Some hypnobirthing options can be time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way with Birthing in Trance.

Introducing: Birthing in Trance

Everything you need to learn to prepare your mindset for birth is just a few clicks away. I’ll teach you how to immediately relax and let go of any tension so you can start feeling confident and relaxed straight away.

With Birthing in Trance, I give you clear instructions about how to go into trance so that you can go into labour confidently and safely at your own pace in your own time when your baby is ready.

I teach you how to use self-hypnosis to manage pain and relax within minutes and enjoy birthing your baby without the need for medication or surgical intervention.

With Birthing in Trance, you can look forward to the birth, embrace birth, and know with every fiber of your being this is the most wonderful experience of your life.

Buy Now for only AU$99 by claiming your

**Early Bird Discount of AU$50 off the regular price of AU$149.00 before 12th May 2022.

Give yourself and your child this gift and all the wonderful benefits.

In Birthing in Trance, you’ll get my honest, uncensored midwifery knowledge that thousands have already used to enjoy amazing results, including:

Professional Experience

Over 30 years of midwifery and hypnotherapy experiences are shared with you to turn your worry or misconceptions into excitement and joy.

Simple Instructions

13 Step by step video and audio modules to guide you into a trance and everything you need to learn to prepare your mindset for birth without negativity.

Immediate Results

I’ll teach you how to immediately relax and let go of any tension so you can start feeling confident and relaxed today… you’ll be doing 20% of the work and producing 80% of the results.

A beautiful natural birth can seem like a lot to ask for today. Inductions are now an epidemic and with inductions come trauma, with more intervention it becomes a rollercoaster, but you can stop it in its tracks.

You can learn how to go into trance easily and quickly and listen to your body, it will tell you what to do and when. Women have been doing this for millennia

Remove the doubt and frustration with the best solution… Birthing in Trance.

I’ve put together a complete video and audio training package and private Facebook group support – to get you started on the right foot. This is what I do one-to-one with women every day in the birth suite and it makes such a difference, life-changing differences.

You spend hours of your day trying to do the best for yourself and your baby. But it really is as simple as understanding you and your mindset.

Birthing in Trance will teach you everything you need to learn to prepare your mindset for birth and ultimately enjoy a relaxed intervention-free birth for you and your child in just 13 easy-to-follow modules.

Can you not afford to learn this skill? How many traumatic stories have you heard, I bet they all started with an intervention of some sort, they always do. Why not make your birth journey truly yours and follow your heart and your intuition, birth in trance and embrace an amazing natural calm birth?

Here’s everything you get today…

13 Easy to follow Videos

Watch and learn how simple and easy it is to go into trance.

Trance Audios and MP3's

Listen at your leisure and share with your partner.

Private Facebook Group

Join me and other mothers to be on this journey together.

Lifetime Access & Support

Enjoy unlimited access to all these resources for life.

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Remember, you get lifetime access to the 13 training videos, 13 downloadable trance audios, and access to me personally via the Private Facebook Group where I’m available to answer all your questions.

Buy Now for only AU$99 by claiming your

**Early Bird Discount of AU$50 off the regular price of AU$149.00

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A little bit about me and my course…

Birthing in Trance is the culmination of over 30 years of practice as a registered nurse, 20 years as a midwife, and the last 5 years specialising in formal qualifications as a clinical hypnotherapist. I have always used trance with assisting women to birth, it is what women do naturally if left without the external voices of intervention, it’s a special place that women go to that is exclusive to them, where they can relax, dream imagine and call upon inner strength, guidance and wisdom, it does not matter if you have had antenatal classes, hypnobirthing classes or no education in birth at all, this is about your mindset and reaching your inner place of birth.

After assisting women for so many years I have realised that finding this place of trance will determine a women’s birth destiny, it will shape her journey. If she does not find that place of trance the consequences can be so traumatic. Fear takes over.

I have given birth to 13 of my own children, naturally. I have also assisted all my grandchildren into the world, all beautiful empowering natural births as well as the many women over 20 years as a midwife all over Australia from the outback to the Cities. I have no hesitation in saying I am well qualified and extremely passionate about showing women how easy it is to find that inner voice of wisdom.

Michelle Brain – The Midwife Hypnotist

“Our birth was an extremely positive, emotional, and empowering experience. We were equipped with the tools provided to us through our hypnobirthing journey with Michelle and knew what to expect and how to remain calm and trust the process, letting nature take its course. Michelle, thank you for sharing your passion and wisdom with us, without it I truly believe we would not have had an intervention-free birth.”


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