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Birthing in Trance Training


Read First: Once you have completed your purchase you will immediately receive a confirmation message on the screen which contains the training document to download. This same document will also be emailed to the email you used to make your purchase. Please keep this document safe, it contains the private links to the training module pages and your password.



Each module is clearly laid out for you to enjoy the Video and Audio on any device.

Birthing in Trance Training Video Modules:

Module 1. Who is the Midwife Hypnotist? Module 2. A confident birth Partner Module 3. Your birth your way Module 4. Migration of ideas Module 5. Breathing Up Module 6. Imagine the birth you want Module 7. Positivity Bubble Module 8. Birth transforms you into a mother Module 9. Feeling healthy and well Module 10. Understanding your body – sex before and after childbirth Module 11. Breathing Down Module 12. Your baby’s birth, crowning Bonus Module 13. Why an Induction?

Remember to join the Private Facebook Group via the link supplied within the main training.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a happy and successful birth.

Michelle Brain – The Midwife Hypnotist


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